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    I mentioned that many students learn increasingly turn pale at the mention, I feel indifferent boring, frozen moment and interest in their own heat, closed the door to knowledge; many comrades about a study, and from time to time in order to evade complicated affairs, often contradictions between studying and work as an excuse, as a neglected learning, learning to relax the "shield. However, today's society, knowledge is being updated at an unprecedented rate, let us experience the excitement of science and technology at the same time, has no choice but to allow us to face up to this rate brought about by pressure. If we do not continue to learn, we will not be able to live and work need to obtain the knowledge, can not adapt itself to the rapidly changing times. Yang Lan was the completion of the "Zhengda Arts" after the production of 20 across the Pacific to the United States , studied at Columbia University, a master's degree in international media, many people do not understand at the time, because fame and fortune Yang Lan has been a good harvest is entirely possible for her to enjoy the status of the honor she has received. When Yang Lan have achieved once again appear in the media when , the image of her great changes have taken place in her own life and on the road to a higher level.

    "I gave birth to ya, knowledge knows no boundaries." Read "life must seize the seven events," the book to study before the life of the first seven events. One can imagine learning about a person's life is how to play an important role. Event is a success with learning. By event, the most fundamental is to have knowledge that only through continuous learning and to the accumulation of extraordinary achievements in their own destiny. Zeng Guofan Modern Masters, when nine-year-old has started reading the Five Classics, the age of 15, taught reading, "Zhou", "righteousness." At the same time in order to get a beloved, "History 23", Zeng Guofan was valuable to all who all admitted to the pawn shop items, and since then a 10 day reading history books, the habit of a lifetime has never stopped. Zeng Guo-fan is able to accomplish something big business is, fundamentally speaking of his success stemmed from his tireless attitude. When you are superior to the family view, if you sufficient material conditions of perception, when you stay at a stable working environment, when you share the cause of some of the fruits of success, it easy to indulge in comfort, the status quo, complacent, do not want to New up the long run, could not but get worse, eventually to be abandoned by the trend of the times.

    Never-ending success, learning is never-ending. Social development because it does not stand still. As a new generation of young people, we should establish a new learning concept, and consciously change "to me" to "I want to learn", in the relentless transformation of their own learning to improve themselves, their own remodeling. To study the entire life of our first needs.

    Knowledge is a process that is a do not know when to start, do not know when the process ends, it is accompanied by a person's thinking, like a cloudless and the rain to spread, and each has a soul soak into fit individual.

    Our lives, for knowledge and the existence of the existence of more knowledge. Therefore, no matter where are you, no matter what your situation, as long as the existence of your soul, keep in mind the theme of eternal life - "Science can not have"!







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