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Today, I speak for everyone is "homeland in my heart." The "From my parents, who raised my homeland." "Country Country, there is only home country." Much more appropriate Say ah! So I love my homeland, more than all my love. Everyone must have heard, "My Chinese Heart" This is the first well-known songs, right? In particular, has been inside the lyrics have touched me deeply, "the Yangtze River, the Great Wall, Mount Huangshan, Yellow River, heavy weight in my mind at any time, regardless of where, like the hearts of the pro." Yes ah, me at any time, anywhere, please do not forget that everyone must own a Chinese, there must be patriotic.

Love my homeland, because I love her beautiful landscape. Look, that Mr. Laoshe Daxinganling described the boundless expanse of blue water, not only could not finish going, but also not object to watch, she brought up the number of rare birds and animals, and the number of literary production. It is no wonder that Mr. Lao said she did not empty the United States, but became one of the concrete construction of the United States. Listening, always pour it, rolling in the Yangtze River water from milk such as the general nourishment of this magical land, raising a great nation. First visit to the majestic Mount Tai to visit her, "you would be extremely Ling, list of small hills," the majestic momentum error indicates that the Chinese nation will be permitted on nations of the world ? Times and then a peaceful trip to the West Lake water gently, she like wonderful, and the mind to absorb a large number of rivers of water, symbolizing the Chinese nation is not correct that the character of tolerance and generosity of mind ?

I love Her love of the motherland is not only plants, mountain water, but also love her long and splendid history and culture. Five thousand years long history, the number of Chinese heritage and splendid culture ah! Lively and cute characters, bearing the success or failure of the Chinese nation. Away of the "Book of Songs" "Li Sao" Let the Spring and Autumn scene also shows us, the Tang Dynasty style often linger in the mind; Song, Yuan catchy sound of loud reading, people at the mouth widely sung; the Ming and Qing Dynasties as if the spirit of the novel with me to grow food. Historical and cultural homeland, you are so colorful, so that .

I love the motherland is not only a brilliant long-standing love of the motherland's history and culture, but also love the people with lofty ideals of patriotism, heroes. Also remember the moving story of the clank sake of the general good ear drums also vowed; still remember the "no life since ancient times who die, according to Khan, to retain loyalty clearance" of the Zhuang bold and heroic image of Wen Tianxiang as if still present; still remember "Wang Zhongyuan date scheduled for the North division, been forgotten," the earnest warning, Lu You died long before the confession echoed in the mind. Zhan Tianyou resolutely not afraid to accept the difficult task is not afraid of ridicule; Qian reputation to give up money, after a difficult return to its motherland; jewel of the unknown soldier Island to the island as their home, determined to put an island built. Homeland heroes and heroines are all infected with the patriotic feelings of me, inspired my patriotism.

Students! Let us work together to study, right? With our excellent performance, excellent work by our great motherland, the mother returns, right? Mother never let the motherland at my heart.




  我爱祖国不仅爱祖国悠久灿烂的历史文化,更爱爱国的志士仁人,英雄豪杰。还记得“岳母刺字”的动人故事,精忠报国的铮铮誓言还响彻耳畔;还记得“人生自古谁无死,留取丹心照汗清”的壮语豪言,文天祥英勇豪迈的形象仿佛还在眼前;还记得 “王师北定中原日,家祭无忘告乃翁”的谆谆告诫,陆游临死前的告白久久的在脑海中回荡。詹天佑不怕困难不怕嘲笑毅然接受任务;钱学森放弃名誉金钱,历经重重困难回到祖国的怀抱;宝石岛的无名战士,以岛为家,立志把海岛建好。祖国英雄儿女们的爱国情怀处处感染着我,激励着我的爱国情怀。


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